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Online research

We can supply every element you need for online research or surveys. You decide what you need and what you would like us to provide. Do you only need respondents, or are you looking for expertise? We make sure to provide you with exactly what you need. We can advise you about developing a questionnaire, but we can also make the whole questionnaire for you. We can help with the interpretation of research results, but we can also just forward you the tables. We use advanced research software for online research into which we can programme all kinds of state-of-the-art questionnaires for use on the computer or the mobile phone. You can view the research results on your own dashboard.

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Qualitative market research

Our aim is to give you total peace of mind. Together we go through the briefing, discuss the background information and the hard and soft criteria. We want to know all the ins and outs and thoroughly understand the scope of the research and what you have in mind.

You can count on having two fixed contact persons, fast service, flexibility and sound advice thanks to our years of experience. We like short and direct lines of communication. We communicate quickest via phone or email; you will always get an answer within a few hours. You are provided with a login for our client portal that provides real time insight into your project.

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Panel management

We excel in knowing how to set up and manage a panel in such a way that respondents feel engaged. We host the panel, make sure it is filled and ensure the commitment of the respondents. Our company it totally geared to making personal contact with respondents. We meet them at our venues and we regularly speak to them on the phone. In this way, the company behind the panel comes alive, and that also explains the respondents’ high level of commitment and their willingness to provide input.

We develop one platform to be used for all research questions and methods. One website for surveys, forums, polls and invitations for qualitative research participation.

  • The one platform always offers the right method;
  • The right sample is always accessible via the platform;
  • Increased commitment is created by the newsletter and automatic alert system
  • Access to’s expertise in the area of panel management
  • Everything in your own house style


We have a tool especially for online qualitative research: BEHAVE. BEHAVE can be used as a homework tool prior to doing focus groups, but it can also be used as a stand-alone research tool (community tool).

In BEHAVE it is easy to ask questions, start a discussion and have respondents upload videos and photos. Your target group responds, does assignments, ponders and considers. This provides you with in-depth and personal insight into the world of your respondent.

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