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We believe that brands can learn a lot from people. We search out your target group and bring you together. We organize focus groups at one of our locations. We visit people at home, join them for a meal, take a peek in their fridge or take a seat with them on the sofa to watch TV. We go to the shop with them and watch how they review the shelves and make choices. We organize UX testing or have people make videos. We ask people to tell us their story. Because if you listen to people’s stories you can understand their choices better.

We have had the privilege to do this for more than 15 years. We are a solid partner and offer numerous solutions. We stay right on top of new developments, don’t complicate things and ensure that each project becomes a success. We have been ISO 20252:2012 certified since 2016, and work according to the GDPR regulations. All matters involving privacy have been arranged in cooperation with a specialised legal advisor.

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Our roots is run by Yvette Huitema and Merel Macedo. The company was born years ago in the living room of Yvette’s mother, Danielle Huitema. A friend and markt researcher once asked her, “Danielle, can’t you find some people who want to share their opinions about new ideas and products? You know everyone!” After this Danielle was usually to be found surrounded by card files as she built up a large panel of respondents. In 2003 she gave her database, containing thousands of respondents of all types, to Yvette and Merel. Together they founded

Our team

Our aim is to give you complete peace of mind. Our team of loyal and enthusiastic professionals have an incredible amount of drive. You can count on having a fixed contact person and on fast service, flexibility and sound advice thanks to our years of experience.